Personal Debit Card Control

We are excited to introduce Consumer Mobile Card Controls in the MHBank2Go mobile app, which will allow you to manage your debit cards and receive alerts on transactions. You can now customize the control for each debit card using the features listed below, helping you to take control and prevent unauthorized usage of your cards. 

- Switch your Card On/Off: You can lock or unlock your debit cards with single touch.
- Control by Location: You can limit card activity by location, either by limiting card-present transactions to the location of the card or by limiting card usage to a region on a map. You also have the ability to prohibit international usage or deny international charges!
- Control by Transaction Type: You can decide which transactions are permitted, such as in-store, ecommerce, auto pay, and ATM. 
- Control by Merchant Type: Limit the merchant types by categories such as grocery, entertainment, restaurants, or travel.
- Control by Amount: You can place a threshold amount per card. Any transaction authorization greater than the identified amount will be declined. 

How to get started:
- Log into your MHBank2Go mobile app.
- Select the More menu and select Card Controls.
- Select the debit card you wish to implement controls (consumer debit or Health Savings debit). 
- The next screen shows the various options that may be turned on or off. Please note, if Location Controls is on, the International Blocking will not function since the identified regions are overriding the International Settings. 
- Use the <Back option to return to the More menu.
- Select Alerts and then the applicable card to see the menu of alert options. 

You're In Control

Photo of the mobile screen app

Screen on mobile app showing how to turn debit card controls on and off

Mobile app screen showing the list of commands for debit card control