People Pay

People Pay

What is People Pay?

People Pay is a free, fast, and safe way to send money to another person. You can use it to:

  • Reimburse your roommates for rent and other expenses.
  • Send your niece or nephew a cash birthday gift.
  • Pay back the friend you owe for lunch or those concert tickets.
  • Pay your babysitter, landscaper, or piano teacher with just an email address.

People pay is intended for person-to-person payments. Please continue to utilize bill pay for making payments to businesses.

The current minimum age to utilize People Pay is 18 years of age.

How it works

Initiate transfer by text or email. Recipient is notified by text or email. Recipient registers to receive funds. Money is deposited into recipient's account.

Send money

You can send money to almost anyone with an e-mail address or mobile number.

Receive money

The person receiving the money is sent a notification with instructions on how to claim it.

Ready to get started?

If you are ready to start using People Pay, log in to your online banking and select “People Pay” from the dropdown “Pay and Transfer” tab. Once enrolled, transactions may be sent through internet banking or the mobile app. Due to enhanced security features you may need to uninstall and reinstall the MHBank2Go app to access these new features.