Remote check deposits must have the "remote deposit" box checked or written on the back of the check to be accepted.

Debit Card Round Up

The Round Up program is an easy and convenient way to help you increase your savings account or to make contributions to your favorite charity. Enroll your debit card and select your preference. Then just use your debit card as you normally do and the “round up” happens automatically. You may make changes to your Round Up increment, maximum, charity or other settings whenever you want by returning to the Round Up portal. Click the link below to create your Round Up profile. Learn more in the Frequently Asked Questions below.

What is Round Up?

Round Up is an optional service that provides Midwest Heritage customers the ability to round up point-of-purchase debit card transactions to the next dollar (or other increment such as $5.00 or $10.00). Cardholders can choose for the Round Up amount to transfer to their Midwest Heritage savings account or donate to a charity of their choosing utilizing the charitable giving platform GoodCoin.

Round Up to Savings

If you are looking for an easy way to grow your savings account, take a look at Round Up to Savings. It is an easy way to round your debit card transactions to the nearest $1, $5 or other amount of your choosing. It can help you reach your savings goals for a new vehicle, vacation or holiday spending.

Round Up to Charity

If you are considering ways to support your favorite non-profit, then select Round Up to Charity. Select from thousands of local and national organizations. Round Up amounts are accumulated in your GoodCoin Foundation account. You specify the balance threshold at which funds are disbursed to your selected charity. You may change your selected charity at any time.

How to I get started?

Create your Round Up profile by clicking the "Register for Round Up" link below. As you set up your account, you will choose Round Up to Savings or Round Up to Charity. This option can be changed at any time. If you choose Round Up to Charity, you will then receive an email from GoodCoin Foundation to create a profile and select your desired charity.

Set the Round Up increment

Select the increment – round up to the next $1, $5, $10, or other amount chosen by you. For example, a $12.40 debit card transaction will generate a Round Up transaction of $0.60 if rounding to the nearest $1, $2.60 for the nearest $5 increment, or $7.60 for a $10 increment.

Set weekly or monthly Limits

Round up allows you to select a dollar limit on a weekly or monthly basis. The Round Up transaction is initiated based on when the merchant processes their final transactions, so your round up transaction could apply to a subsequent period from when you swiped your card. For example, If you make a purchase on a Friday night and the merchant submits the transaction the following Monday, then that transaction would apply to the new week’s dollar limit. Once you have reached your set limit, no additional Round Up transactions will occur until the next cycle.

Swipe Card

Swipe your debit card and spend as you normally would. The program will automatically generate the Round Up transactions to withdraw from your checking account and deposit to your designated savings or GoodCoin account.

Additional Notes

  • The Round Up service will not generate the round up transactions if funds are not available in your designated checking account.
  • Round Up applies to transactions completed at a point of purchase, including grocery stores, restaurants, convenience stores and online purchased. Round Up will not apply to ATM withdrawals.
  • Round Up to Savings transactions will show as a transfer in your account history.
  • Round Up to Charity transactions will show as a debit card transaction with GoodCoin Foundation (“FDN”) as the merchant name.