Is the Payroll Card like a credit card?

No. The Payroll Card, or Pay Card, is not tied to a line of credit. You can only spend what you have earned, since you are using your own money from your wages.

Is the Payroll Card similar to a debit card?

Yes and No. The Payroll Card is similar to a debit card in that the spending power is limited by the amount of funds loaded onto the card and the available balance is debited with each transaction. However, unlike a debit card, the Payroll Card does not access a consumer bank account or require the cardholder to set up a banking relationship, such as a checking or savings account.

How do I activate the card so that future pay periods can be deposited onto the card?

Just call 1-866-221-3088. You will be asked to enter your default PIN number which is the last 4 digits of your social security number to verify your identity. Once your card has been activated you will be asked to change your PIN number to any 4 digit number of your choosing.

Do I get a new Payroll Card each pay period and how do I know how much I have earned?

Hy-Vee will deposit your net pay automatically on your Payroll Card each pay day as we do for those employees on direct deposit. You keep the same card and will receive a pay stub like employees who are on direct deposit.

How can I access my pay?

  • By withdrawing cash at an ATM.
  • By making a purchase at millions of locations that accept Visa.
  • By receiving cash back when making a purchase at participating Visa merchants.
  • By requesting a cash advance at any Visa Interlink Bank (most locations).

How can I track my spending or check my available balance?

  • Go to mhbpayrollcard.com. You will be able to sign up to receive electronic statements and look at all your recent transactions and current balance. You can also sign up to receive a text message or email for certain inquiries (additional fees as well as standard messaging rates may apply).
  • Call toll free to 1-866-221-3088 anytime to listen to your balance and most recent transactions.
  • You may perform a balance inquiry at any ATM.

How do I use my Payroll Card to make a purchase?

Just present your Payroll Card to any merchant that accepts VISA or PIN debit transactions.

What do I do if I have a question or problem? For example, if my card isn’t working or it’s lost or stolen?

If your card is lost or stolen, call 1-800-236-2442 IMMEDIATELY (24 hours per day, 7 days per week). For general Payroll Card questions, please call 1-800-782-0521 during our normal branch hours.

Will I be charged a fee for using my Payroll Card at participating merchants?

No, you generally should not be charged a fee for using your Payroll Card at the checkout of participating merchants. See below regarding ATM fees.

Can I use my Payroll Card to pay for gas at the pump?

No, your Payroll Card cannot be used for payment at the pump. You may still purchase fuel with your Payroll Card, but you will need to pay inside the store.

How do I access funds or account information through an ATM?

Insert your card in the machine and follow the instructions for entering your PIN. You will then be offered a choice of withdrawing funds or performing a balance inquiry.

Will I incur a fee if I use my Payroll Card at an ATM?

When using an ATM operated by Midwest Heritage or any ATM with a “Privileged Status” sticker, you will not be assessed a surcharge. For ATM transactions at all other ATMs, the operator may charge a fee. Please read the ATM screens carefully during a cash withdrawal; the screen messages will notify you if a surcharge will be assessed with the withdrawal.

My card was authorized for more than I anticipated. Why?

Some restaurants, hotels, and auto rental agencies authorize cards for an amount that is anticipated. If this is more than your current balance the transaction will be declined. Also, the amount authorized will restrict the use of those funds until the merchant presents the transaction for payment. For example, a hotel may put a $100 hold on your card at the time of reservation. Those funds would not be available for use until you stayed at the hotel at which time the hotel would take the hold off the account and run the actual amount of the bill through on your card.

Are there transaction limits on my Payroll Card?

Yes, the maximum load per payroll is $5,000 and the maximum Payroll Card balance is $99,999. Withdrawal limits will vary based on the transaction type. Refer to the Payroll Card Terms and Conditions for specific limits.

Can I add money to my card other than money from my pay?

No, only money from Hy-Vee will be added to your card.

Can the card have a negative balance?

Any authorization request that is greater than your available balance will be declined. However, occasionally a merchant submits a transaction without prior authorization or for an amount greater than the original authorization. If the Payroll Card is at a negative balance, authorizations will be declined until new payroll funds are loaded. If your Payroll Card no longer receives payroll deposits, you will be required to reimburse Midwest Heritage to return the Payroll Card balance to zero.

What other fees associated with my Payroll Card may be charged to me?

Card Replacement $10 per card
Expedited Card $30 per card
Paper Statement Request $2.00 per statement
Bill Payment $0.99 per payment
Bill Pay Research No Charge
Bill Pay Proof of Payment No Charge
ATM FEES. With an ATM not owned by Midwest Heritage, you may be charged a fee by the ATM operator or any network used to complete the transaction. 
TEXT AND EMAIL ALERTS $0.10 per Text/Email
(Examples: Add Funds, Remove Funds, Low Balance, Suspected Fraud, and Out of State Transactions)