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Short-Term Disability Coverage

Protecting you when you can’t work.

Your financial stability depends on your ability to work. If you had an illness or injury, how would you continue to pay your bills? Hy-Vee’s Short-Term Disability coverage can help ease the burden if you become disabled.

How it works...

Ternian short-term disability pays you 60% of your monthly earnings (not to exceed $650) if an off-the-job illness or injury prevents you from working.* After a seven-day elimination period, you’ll receive benefits for up to 13 weeks.

How do I enroll?

• During Open Enrollment (November 2021)
• First 30 days of employment or first 30 days following a Full Time/Regular Time to Part Time status change
• First 30 days following a qualifying life event
• Enroll online at

Weekly premiums:

Weekly Rates

Employee Only


* Limitations apply. See policy for more information.

Short-Term Disability: Contribution-Eligible Employees Only:

Hy-Vee part-time employees who have been part of the Hy-Vee family for at least six (6) months and average 20 hours or more a week are eligible to have Hy-Vee help pay for part of your health and wellness benefits, including Short-Term Disability,  which can help substantially lower your benefits cost.

Upon meeting the contribution eligibility requirements, click on the enroll button above to elect your benefits. Further details may be found at or Hy-Vee Huddle, on the H.R./Benefits page.

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