Limited Medical Program

Effective August 1, 2016, Hy-Vee now offers a way for Part-Time employees who do not have access to major medical coverage elsewhere to get basic medical coverage and save money on tax penalties. Hy-Vee's Limited Medical Plan with Minimal Essential Coverage (MEC) gives you preventative services and first-dollar coverage for minor, everyday medical expenses. Plus, you'll avoid tax penalties for not carrying health insurance. 

You'll get basic medical coverage and avoid additional tax penalties!

Hy-Vee's Limited Medical with MEC plans work in three ways. First, they pay you for basic medical care expenses, like office visits, emergency room treatments, X-rays, lab work, inpatient hospital treatments, and much more.* Next, you'll receive 100% coverage for 63 preventative and wellness services. Finally, the MEC plans offer the basic coverage required by the Affordable Health Care Act. You'll avoid the tax penalties associated with not carrying coverage, which will potentially save you hundreds of dollars each year. 

*Benefits vary by plan type.

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