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Hospital Indemnity

Protection from hospital expenses.

It’s a fact. Hospital stays are expensive. Even short stays can lead to large bills, and major medical coverage only takes care of part of this. While you may have major medical coverage through Hy-Vee or elsewhere, you’ll incur out-of-pocket expenses not paid by your medical plan. Having the right coverage in place to help when a sickness or injury occurs can help eliminate your financial concerns and provide support at a time when it’s needed most. These expenses can eat away at your bank account or HSA and they may cause you to delay needed medical care.

You need to protect yourself so going to the hospital doesn’t cause extra financial stress. Your focus should be on healing not on how you’ll pay for your stay. Hy-Vee’s hospital indemnity coverage from Kemper can help minimize the effects of hospital expenses.

What it is...

Kemper’s Hospital Indemnity coverage pays you directly when you or a covered family member has a hospital stay. It’s your money so you decide how it’s spent. After a covered hospital stay, you simply submit a claim. When it’s approved, you’ll receive a benefit check. Benefit amounts vary by claim and by plan type.

What it covers...

This plan provides the following coverage*
• Lump sum benefit for the first day you’re confined to a hospital
• Daily benefit for additional days thereafter
• Daily Intensive Care Unit Benefit

How it works...

Below is an example of how benefits might be paid in the event you or a covered family member is hospitalized.*

Jane suffers bruising and swelling of her head and left leg after a cycling accident. She is admitted to intensive care for trauma to her head and remains in intensive care for two days. Jane is then moved to a regular hospital room to undergo surgery on her foot. She stays in the hospital for an additional three days for recovery.

Benefit Plan 1 Plan 2 Plan 3 Plan 4
1st Day Confinement $660 $1,320 $1,870 $2,530
Daily Hospital Confinement
(Total of benefit paid for four days)
$440 $880 $880 $1,320
Hospital Intensive Care
(Total of benefit paid for two days)
$200 $400 $400 $600
TOTAL BENEFIT: $1,300 $2,600 $3,150 $4,450

Weekly premiums

Hospital Indemnity Plan 1 Plan 2 Plan 3 Plan 4
Employee Only: $1.74 $3.48 $4.35 $6.09
Employee & Spouse: $4.50 $9.00 $11.67 $16.17
Employee & Children: $3.00 $6.00 $7.53 $10.53
Family: $4.89 $9.81 $12.63 $17.52

How do I enroll?

• During Open Enrollment (November 2021)
• First 60 days of employment or first 60 days following a Full Time/Regular Time to Part Time status change
• First 30 days following a qualifying life event
• Enroll online at

* This list is just an overview of coverage. Please see actual policy to determine exact plan coverage.
** The example shown above is for illustrative purposes only. Refer to plan certificate for details.

Midwest Heritage Insurance Service Team

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