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Protection from life’s accidents.

Accidents. They come from out of nowhere. When you or a family member is involved in an accident, you seek immediate medical care, but that’s just the beginning of the story. Accidents affect our entire lives. They interrupt our work schedules and often lead to follow up appointments, trips to the store for supplies, and additional need for childcare. You could face tremendous unplanned expenses not covered by your medical insurance.

How will you pay your bills?

Hy-Vee’s Accident plan can help! This plan can help you minimize the effects of those sudden out-of-pocket expenses. You can plan for life’s unforeseen circumstances and protect your finances.

What it is...

The Kemper accident plans pick up where other coverage leaves off. The benefits you receive from the accident plan can help you pay for:
• Unpaid time off
• Travel expenses
• Deductibles, copays, maximum out-of-pocket expenses
• Other medical and nonmedical bills associated with the accident
• And more

You decide how your money is spent.

Benefits from your accident insurance plan are paid directly to you. After seeking treatment for an accident, you simply submit a claim. When it’s approved, you’ll receive a benefit check. Benefit amounts vary by claim and by plan type.*

What it covers...

• Medical expenses from emergency room or doctor’s office treatments
• X-rays
• Ambulance
• Hospital confinement
• Accidental death or dismemberment
• Dislocation and fractures
• Burns
• Brain injuries
• And many more**

**This list is an overview of coverage. Please see actual policy to determine exact plan coverage. 

You fracture an ankle and are taken to the emergency room.  Here’s a chart on how the accident plan benefited you. The accident plan can help pick up where other insurance leaves off and provide cash payable to you to cover other expenses.

Kemper Benefit
Low Plan High Plan
ER Visit $300 $400
X-ray $300 $400
Ambulance (ground) $300 $400
Fractured Ankle $2,400 $3,200
Appliance, Crutches $375 $500
Follow-Up Visit: 2 visits $300 ($150 per visit) $400 ($200 per visit)
Physical Therapy: 2 visits $180 ($90 per visit) $240 ($120 per visit)
Aspirin $15 $20
TOTAL $4,170 $5,560

*For illustrative purposes only. Refer to plan certificate for details.

Weekly premiums

Employee Only: $3.70 $4.93
Employee & Spouse: $6.40 $8.53
Employee & Children: $8.05 $10.73
Family: $9.99 $13.31

How do I enroll?

• During Open Enrollment (November 2021)
• First 30 days of employment or first 30 days following a Full Time/Regular Time to Part Time status change
• First 30 days following a qualifying life event
• Enroll online at

Midwest Heritage Insurance Service Team
[email protected]