Cancer Coverage

Receiving a diagnosis of cancer can be difficult on anyone, both emotionally and financially. Having the right coverage to help when undergoing treatments for cancer or a specified disease is important. Our coverage can help provide added financial support when it is needed most.  The benefits under the cancer plan are paid directly to you.

In 2016, an estimated 57,740 new cancer cases and 16,910 cancer deaths will occur among Asian Americans, Native Hawaiians, and Pacific Islanders. American Cancer Society 2016 Facts and Figures.

Below is an example of how benefits might be paid.*
Jane’s doctor recommends pre-op testing.  Jane must travel 200 miles to have pre-op testing (medical imaging) and is admitted to the hospital for surgery. Jane undergoes surgery, anesthesia, radiation/chemo, and is visited by a doctor during a three-day hospital stay. And every two weeks she has radiation/chemotherapy at a local facility, is given anti-nausea medication, and sees her doctor during her follow-up visits.

*Our cancer insurance policy paid Jane the following:
Wellness Exam                             $50
Hospital Confinement                   $600
Cancer Initial Diagnosis                $2,000
Non-Local Transportation             $160
Surgery                                         $3,000
Anesthesia                                    $ 750
Radiation/Chemo                          $10,000
Medical Imaging                            $500
Inpatient Medicine                         $75
Physician Visits                             $150
Anti-Nausea                                  $ 200
Total Benefits: $17,485
* For illustrative purposes only. Benefit amounts vary by state and plan offered. 

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