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Hy-Vee Elective Benefits Brief

Bringing you Valuable Elective Benefits Information

April Issue

In this issue, we cover all things accidents. Accidents can result in serious injuries that may take you months to recover. The number of emergency room visits for accidental injuries in 2016 was 29.2 million and 39.5 million for visits to a physician’s office. These visits are expensive and when you combine them with costs for treatment and missed days of work, accident expenses can add up quickly, but with Kemper Health Accident Indemnity insurance you can have affordable financial protection that gives you peace of mind if an accident occurs.

March Issue

Midwest Heritage is excited to announce that the Hy-Vee “Life Made Simple” campaign will continue in 2020. This campaign is designed to make life insurance more accessible and easier than ever for Hy-Vee employees. Life insurance is a key component of a financial wellness plan and statistics suggest most people don’t have enough life insurance should something happen unexpectedly. If you’re not sure what type of life insurance you should have or how much life insurance you should have, we have you covered. 

February Issue

In this issue, we cover what to financially prepare for in times of unexpected critical illness. Someone has a heart attack approximately every 40 seconds in the U.S. This type of unexpected critical illness can strike without warning, leaving you – and your family – to navigate the resulting challenges without any time to prepare.

January Issue

In this issue, we cover Premium payments for Hy-Vee Elective Benefits plans are conveniently made through payroll deductions.

November Issue 

In this issue, we cover all things Open Enrollment for part-time employees. Open Enrollment for part-time employee elective benefits begins on November 18, and runs through December 6, 2019. Employees will make their open enrollment elections and changes on, and any new elections or changes will be effective January 1, 2020.

October Issue 

Open Enrollment is approaching! In this issue, we cover all things Open Enrollment for full-time/regular-time employees, as it pertains to elective benefits. 

September Issue 

Hy-Vee employees have access to a variety of supplemental benefits that complement core benefits and help reduce out-of-pocket costs associated with healthcare. Whether you’re a Human Resources Manager or a Hy-Vee employee, you are sure to find this monthly newsletter to be a valuable resource for elective benefits information. Click the button below to read more.