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Voluntary Employee Benefits

According to a report from Eastbridge Consulting Group, Inc, more than 70% of employers now offer their employees some type of voluntary benefits product.

With the rising cost of health care, benefits have become increasingly more important to employees.  Today, a complete and competitive benefits package not only helps attract employees, but also increases loyalty and improves retention. Midwest Heritage can help you enhance your benefit package to meet the needs of your employees.

With a voluntary benefits program, you can add a second layer of financial protection for your employees at no cost to you. Offering employees benefits such as dental, vision, disability, and life insurance at group rates, allows them to purchase needed benefits at a lower cost than they could as an individual.

Through our cost-effective group plans, robust enrollment services and experienced claims management department we can manage your entire voluntary benefits program.

Program Highlights

  • Voluntary benefits are paid directly to employees regardless of payment under the benefits plan and provides cash for employees to use for deductibles, coinsurance, and other out-of-pocket expenses.
  • Voluntary benefits can also be introduced when considering higher out-of- pocket plans to off-set increasing medical plan costs, introducing a less expensive medical plan offering, etc.
  • All employees can obtain coverage guarantee issue during their initial enrollment period, regardless of current or past medical conditions, and spouses and dependents can obtain coverage.
  • Some plans can exclude preexisting conditions.
  • Plans can include portability provisions allowing an employee to take the plan with them when employment ends.
  • Some plans can be designed with low/high offerings allowing employees to choose from flexible price points.
  • Many plans can be offered on a pre-tax basis.
  • Most plans can be offered to include an annual wellness benefit that pays when an employee, spouse, or dependent has a covered wellness test, even when the medical plan covers the test in full.

Service – capacity in the Midwest, flexibility

As the voluntary benefits provider for Iowa’s largest employer, we have experience guiding businesses through the entire process, from selecting a plan to enrollment, and claims processing.  Our goal is to help you provide the best benefits for your employees with no cost to you, and little to no additional stress on your human resources department.

Once a plan has been selected, our dedicated Midwest-based enrollment team will work with employees through group meetings and one-on-one consultations to enroll them in the benefits program.  Due to our large network of enrollment representatives, we have the flexibility to offer meetings when it is convenient for your workforce.

When an employee does need to file a claim, our experienced customer service team will provide personal support to ensure the claim is submitted accurately and paid quickly.

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