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3 Quick Ways to Build Your Emergency Fund

posted on Thursday, April 9, 2020

Covid-19 has caused an economic shutdown around the entire world that nobody was prepared for. This pandemic has shed new light on the importance of having an emergency fund.

Midwest Heritage has come up with 3 strategies to help you quickly build your emergency fund.

1. SELL unused items around the house that can be easily converted into cash

Take a few hours out of your day during this quarantine and go around your house and find items that you or your family don’t use anymore. Post your items on an online marketplace and easily convert them into cash to put towards your emergency fund.

2. GET a temporary job

There are many companies looking for temporary work during this time. Find a part time job that interests you and best suites your current situation. Visit Hy-Vee.com/careers if you are interested in joining the Hy-Vee team.

3. MAKE cuts in your budget

Cut out any unnecessary bills in your budget. Take advantage of Hy-Vee’s weekly ad and take advantage of their savings while you’re shopping, conserve energy/water around the house, and cancel all unused monthly subscriptions.