Remote check deposits must have the "remote deposit" box checked or written on the back of the check to be accepted.

Online Banking FAQs

posted on Friday, January 21, 2022

Explore frequently asked questions about the new Midwest Heritage digital experience for personal banking.

Can I receive my bank statements online?

Yes! Once you are set up for online banking, navigate to the account overview page and select Statements from the menu on the left. Read and agree to the terms and conditions, and select Online as the delivery method.

How do I reset my password?

You have the ability to reset your password at any time by clicking Forgot Your Password.

Can I add an accountant/POA to my login?

We are not currently offering this feature, but keep your eye out for future updates!

What are the system/browser requirements for the new application?

Browser Quick Reference (Any browser not listed in the following table should be considered unsupported).

Browser Windows macOS
Google Chrome (Current and previous two major versions) Recommended Recommended
Mozilla Firefox (Current and previous two major versions) Supported Supported
Microsoft Edge (Current and previous two versions) Supported Unsupported
Apple Safari (Current and previous two major) Unsupported Supported

Version UUX 4.x
Android 8.x and later Supported
Android 7.x  Unsupported
iOS 15.x and later Supported
iOS 14.x and later Supported
iOS 13.x and later Supported
iOS 12.x  Unsupported

I am not receiving the secure access code, what do I need to do?

Verify that you are not blocking calls or text messages from the number 86434, as that is the number the secure access code  messages come from.

Will EOY tax documents be available online?

Electronic tax documents are now available on our online and mobile applications!

Can I view my check images and statement online or through the app?

Check and deposit images as well as electronic statements are available through both the browser and app version of the new application.

Will Quicken/QuickBooks integration be available?

Midwest Heritage is thrilled to be able to support connections for both QuickBooks and Quicken. 

Why did I receive an email saying that I logged in when I didn't?

If you use Quicken, QuickBooks, or other financial management tools, it is possible that those programs are logging in periodically to update your account information and transactions.

I made a transfer online and it is not showing on my account.

If you identify or suspect missing activity through online banking, please contact our Customer Care team at 800-782-0521

What is changing with the new app?

Our new app contains several exciting new features such as the ability to do a Customer 2 Customer transfer, which allows you to transfer money directly to other Midwest Heritage customer accounts. We have also added the ability view check images and statements right on your mobile app. Additionally, our new CardSwap tool allows for quick changing of your subscriptions to charge to your Midwest Heritage card. Financial tools such as budget tracking and the ability to consolidate your financial accounts and transactions have also been added.

How does the Customer 2 Customer transfer differ from using Zelle?

Customer 2 Customer allows you to transfer money to another person with a Midwest Heritage account, and requires you to know the account information of the recipient. Zelle allows you to send money to friends and family, even if they bank somewhere else!

I'm unable to see one of my active accounts, where can I find it?

Go to Preferences, then Account Preferences and scroll to the bottom under Hidden Accounts. Click on the account and under Account Visibility make sure Home is checked.

How can I hide accounts from view?

There are two ways to hide your accounts from view. Go to Preferences, then Account Preferences. Click on the account and under Account Visibility make sure Home is checked. Or, click on the account from the Home page. Go to Details & Settings to edit you accounts visibility on the home page.

Can I organize my accounts into groups?

Absolutely! On the home screen, click the three dots and select Create New Group. Choose your account and type in your new group name. To move more accounts to this group, click on the three dots on the account and click Move To. Then, simply choose the group you would like to move the account to! You can also drag the account tile on the screen into a group.

Can I create custom names for my accounts?

Yes! On the home screen, click on the three dots next to the account and choose Nickname Account. If you are in the account already, go to Details, then Settings and change the Online Display Name. Account nicknames can not contain any punctuation. 

How do I update the app?

iPhone - If you have automatic updates enabled, the update will happen automatically. If your app has not updated, check your available updates in the app store.
Android - Delete your existing MHBank2Go app and search for Midwest Heritage Mobile in the Google Play store. Download the new app and you're good to go!

How can I update my address or contact information?

To update your address or contact information, select the Preferences option in the menu and then Update Contact Information. You can also contact our customer care team at 800-782-0521 to update your information.