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Financial Tools

posted on Thursday, February 17, 2022

The new Midwest Heritage Mobile app and online platform features new financial tools! These financials tools are complimentary and designed to help you keep track of your finances and achieve your goals.

The financial tools can be accessed on the home page of the mobile app or online platform by clicking "Financial Tools" above your account information.

After clicking into Financial Tools, you'll be greeted by options like spending, budgeting, trends, cash flow, net worth, debts and link account.

Spending allows you to track your spending by category in a chosen timeframe.

Budget guides you through taking control of your money. This entails using an auto-generated budget based on your recent spending or entering values based on your savings goals.

Trends displays how your money has been spent in the past three, six, or nine months by category.

Cash Flow lets you see your income and expenses on a given day, including future predictions. This allows you to know ahead of time if you can afford those big purchases you're thinking of.

Net Worth takes into account the value of what's in your checking and savings accounts paired with how much you may owe on loans or a mortgage.

Debts lists any loans that you've connected with the Midwest Heritage platform and allows you to enter the interest rate and your monthly payment to create an estimated payoff date.

To maximize the impact of these tools, you can utilize the Link Account feature. This allows you to connect any outside bank accounts, loans, mortgages, or credit cards you may have so you have one clear picture of your financial situation.