Marketing and Promotional Item Requests

When placing any sort of marketing request, please continue to consider departmental and organizational goals and how the requests correlate with the Midwest Heritage brand. The Marketing team strives to maintain a strong brand image that is consistent in look and feel, while remaining compliant. Please reference the brand guide as a reference and use the PowerPoint template when you are creating a presentation. If you have any questions about the marketing guidelines or procedures, feel free to reach out to the Marketing team.

Please use the steps and tools outlined below when submitting requests.

Marketing Request Process

  • Brainstorm with your team, identify objectives and desired outcome.
  • Outline your request with your supervisor to ensure everyone is on the same page and the request meets your departmental goals.
  • Request approval from your supervisor.
  • After your project/request is approved, complete the Marketing Request or Promotional Request Form (based on your situation and needs).
  • Marketing will review the request and contact you. For more complex projects, it may be necessary to set up a call or meeting to map out all details to avoid multiple changes once the project is initiated.
  • Prior to finalizing the project we will send you the Project Approval Form for final approval.